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Building a computer desk for the treadmill

January 04, 2019 | 3 Minute Read

Once in a while I have the opportunity to work from home. These days I barely leave the house due to the cold and rainy weather here in UK. It would be great if I could walk and work at the same time!

I’ve seen some people buy a treadmill desk that seems to work really great. But these also cost a small fortune (£1500 - £3000). I already have a treadmill and decided to build a simple laptop desk with things I could find at a local DIY store (B&Q).

The total cost for legs, a shelf and some brackets ended up at £35. Many DIY stores can cut longer pieces of wood into the size you want, and for free (B&Q have this service).

To make the legs really stable I carved out a little from the them before attaching the cross-beam

Legs are ready and the glue is drying

The brackets cost only £2.50 each and give a much needed stability to the table

Since I have a Surface Pro laptop I need a little support at the back so the kickstand wont fall off the table.

The desk isn’t so deep, mainly because this was the only suitable shelf size they had in the store that was wide enough. The table would probably be more stable if desk was deeper and legs further apart on each side, but this chosen solution works well for me and the table can stay where it is even when the threadmill is raised up.

In the picture above, the table looks quite high. But when you stand on the treadmill you’re quite high up as well so it works really well when using it.

So, my desk is completed and it actually works really well to use. I was a little worried while building it that it would be somewhat wobbly. But that hasn’t been the case. It isn’t as fancy as the bought ones and I can’t lower or raise the table, but it surely is much more affordable to build it yourself. I recommend to give it a try.

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