Re-throwing exceptions - the right way

In the company where I work we have an interview question for candidates where we ask them to explain the difference between different ways to re-throw an exception in a C# try-catch expression. How hard can it be? Well, surprisingly many developers get it wrong.

Develop with CosmosDB in Docker

Micro services are increasingly more popular in new development project. In this post I’ll show you how to connect to a CosmosDB emulator from your docker app. CosmosDB emulator on host The CosmosDB emulator is locked down to localhost by default. To allow calls from within the docker cluster you need to open up for network access.

Configuration providers in ASP.NET Core

Configuration providers in ASP.NET Core offers a pluggable architecture for using many different sources for your app settings. This post builds upon two previous posts concerning basic configuration and injecting options. Configuration providers The configuration can be read from several different providers. These providers all provide key-value pairs of data that will be merged together.

Injecting Options in ASP.NET Core

In ASP.NET Core there are some very interesting ways of handling and injecting options into classes. In this post I compare some of the different options you have at your disposal. In a previous post I wrote the basics about how to configure options in ASP.

Configuration in ASP.NET Core

Configuration in your app can sometimes be a pain. Some values are set in code, some are extracted from the environment in which you’re running and some are secret and can’t be defined anywhere near a repository. ASP.NET Core helps you manage all these settings in a very smooth way